HALO™ is patented under:

United States Patent No. US 7,717,492 dated May 18, 2010

South Africa Patent No. 2011/02026 dated January 25, 2012  

Australia Patent No. PCT/US2009/054293 dated November 20, 2014

Singapore Patent No. WO/2010/022141 dated February 29, 2018

Mexican Copyright Registration No. 03-2016-120912494800-001 dated July 25 2017

Brazil Patent No. PI 0912940-5 dated July 25, 2017

India Patent No. 326084 dated November 27, 2019

Korea Patent No. 10-1586519 dated January 12, 2016


 HALO™ has received Worldwide approval for use on company and contractor vehicles from the following OGM Companies:

  • Anglo American Mining

  • Bonatti Construction

  • IE Nova Sempra Energy

  • TransCanada Pipelines


“A new retrofit device that is designed to increase the rollover crashworthiness of light vehicles is described and evaluated. As has been recognized [e.g., NHTSA, 2003], rollovers are a disproportionately dangerous collision mode, causing life-altering injuries to occupants due to roof intrusion and ejection. The US-patented HALO device is an after-market cap that increases the roof strength of a vehicle, diminishing damage and preventing injuries. This new retrofit device is available, affordable, low-tech, and straightforward to install. The objective of this engineering analysis is to analyse the efficacy of the HALO based upon the destructive validation testing to which it has been subjected.”