HALO – Rollover Occupant Protection System

A state-of-the-art Rollover Occupant Protection System for light to medium duty vehicles.

Welcome to Safety Engineering International

Welcome to Safety Engineering International, a vehicle safety engineering company. Our Design Engineers have years of experience in rollover accident investigation and dynamic vehicle testing which allowed them to gain a better understanding of how injuries occur in roll-overs and what precautions can be taken to prevent serious injury. These findings are the building blocks for our High Attenuation Load Offset (HALO) HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System (ROPS).


HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection Systems


State-of-the-art Rollover Occupant Protection System for light to medium duty vehicles.

Safety By Design!

We stand behind our HALO ROPS product for a reason, we tested it! We designed it to be safe using the Jordan Rollover System (JRS) Dynamic testing method. See the testing!

State-of-the-Art Design and Engineering

The HALO™ design is patented in many Countries and approved by Global Companies. See Who and Where!

HALO™ Real World Performance

See the Performance Proof. HALO™ can save lives, we have real results!

Benefits of our HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System

Awesome Features

Patented HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System

Using our Patented HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System on your fleet of vehicles will ensure that you’re protecting your occupants with the best possible system and significantly reducing the likelihood of injury to those occupants.

No Visible Internal Parts

The HALO is mounted to the roof of the vehicle and the B-Pillar reinforcements are under the OEM trim so there are no internal parts to injure occupants or impede entry or egress. There are no roll bars inside the vehicle to cause injury.

HALO is Light Weight and has little effect on the COG.

HALO is designed to be light weight and not contribute to the rollover propensity of the vehicle. Due to HALO’s light weight and roof mounting, you can utilize the full payload of the vehicle for your things.

HALO Product Overview Presentation

This presentation is an overview of the development of the HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System.